I Turned 32 This Week…

32 is the year I change my life.

It was my birthday on Tuesday. My last birthday before bariatric surgery in November. I spent it with a friend who was having a birthday the next day.

We had pizza! It was yummy.

I spent the majority of the meal explaining to my friend how this birthday was going to be so different from my next birthday… how next year I would need to be very careful not to drink 30 minutes before or after eating… take smaller bites, and chew extensively… how I’d need to focus on protein over anything else (including flavour). It was kind of the start of this 3 week long “Food Funeral” I’ve been planning.

fro yo
We also had frozen yogurt (Peanut Butter with Reese’s Pieces and Graham crumbs)!

My “Food Funeral” is officially happening in 2 weekends… hitting up a fancy sushi place I haven’t tried yet. Sushi is my favourite food, but it isn’t exactly bariatric friendly from what I can tell. I’m gonna miss it… but I think I’ll be okay without it. I’m ready to shake off my life as it is now, and move past it. To a better place.

Because 32 is the year I change my life.

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